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Video Testimonials from our Clients

-Hear what our clients

are saying about us-

I cannot praise the staff at the Ideal Nutrition Weight Loss Clinic in White Rock enough!

Rachel is my advisor and she’s terrific. I started the Ideal Protein program in mid January and have been losing weight and smiling ever since. With Rachel’s personal guidance, sage advice and excellent motivational talks at our weekly encounters I have lost over 30 pounds so far.


I am so happy I decided to drop in and join up back in January. This program (along with the advisors) is truly easy to learn, the packaged food is yummy and there are lots of choices, you can even travel and stay on program, plus best of all the results are truly amazing. Thank you again, Rachel!

Yolande Nowak

My health and wellbeing was pertinent in losing a few pounds.


April’s professional advice and her approach in educating me about my food choices helped to achieve my goals. She was patient and I learned a lot about losing weight in a healthy way.

Thank you!

Rozy Karim

My journey with Ideal Protein has been extremely satisfying, leading to a degree of weight loss that I did not think was possible for me. Right at the start, Rachel explained the significance of every little detail, and through frequent check-ins, she kept me accountable and gave me the coaching I needed at every step.

Ideal Protein had plenty of tasty foods to choose from, and one of the things I very much appreciated was that those specialized foods could be balanced with regular household foods.

And did I mention Rachel was awesome throughout with her advice and coaching?

Anna John

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