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My journey with Ideal Nutrition Weight loss clinic has been wonderful. What’s more amazing is our coach Rachel Mathew. She has been extremely motivating and is with you throughout your weight loss journey and more. I have never felt more confident and happy. I highly recommend this clinic to anybody who is serious about their weight loss and is truly willing to make positive long term changes in their lives.

Rebecca Joseph

I started my fat loss program with Rachel for my wedding last year, and her coaching was invaluable to helping me stay motivated and on program. This was the first time I ever tried a diet program, but I never felt hungry (craving my guilty pleasures for sure) and it was perfect for my busy schedule as the program is easy to stick to! I looked and felt amazing on my wedding day, and couldn't have done so without the help of Rachel and the Ideal Nutrition Program.

I ended up starting up my program once more after I took a break (for my honeymoon) so I would properly Phase off and I have noticed an increase in energy (as opposed to when I was off program) as well as the obvious physical effects of losing weight (to the point i've bought new pants!). April has also been so wonderful and supportive and I appreciate the flexibility of in-person OR phone call check-ins given how COVID is constantly changing!

Kaitlin Tien

A great place with a program that produces real results! I was new to the whole weight loss program thing and coach Rachel really made it such an amazing experience for me. She always welcomed my questions and helped me understand my body and my health status. She kept me accountable and was always genuinely encouraging me! I highly recommend this clinic, this coach and this program for those who are looking to start a new happy and healthy lifestyle.

Eileen Augustine

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