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- Lower Blood Pressure

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- Reduce Gout Symptoms

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- Reduce Medications

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Our clinic has helped over 130 people
in White Rock lose over 4000 pounds!

Ideal Nutrition Weight Loss Clinic uses a doctor-designed and recommended fat loss program that allows you to lose weight safely, for the long-term, without requiring hours in the gym and without being hungry!  

The purpose of our clinic is to assist people in achieving and maintaining their weight loss goals by administering a medically developed ketogenic fat loss and weight management Protocol created by a company called Ideal Protein. This Protocol is a repeatable, predictable, and sustainable weight loss program that has been practiced for over 30 years and is currently in use by over 3000 professional clinics worldwide. 

The Ideal Protein Protocol is a supervised, science-based, weight loss solution. It is comprised of not only a 3-phased program that utilizes exclusive Ideal Protein products but also a healthier-lifestyle education system administered through 1-on-1 coaching that ensures weight management is personalized, healthy, and lifelong.

With a meticulously measured and balanced approach, we use the human body's own way of shedding fat quickly and safely. We then help you re-integrate ALL the foods you love while still keeping off the fat, and we do this all without requiring you to spend hours in the gym. 

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I started my fat loss program with Rachel for my wedding last year, and her coaching was invaluable to helping me stay motivated and on program. This was the first time I ever tried a diet program, but I never felt hungry (craving my guilty pleasures for sure) and it was perfect for my busy schedule as the program is easy to stick to! I looked and felt amazing on my wedding day, and couldn't have done so without the help of Rachel and the Ideal Nutrition Program.

I ended up starting up my program once more after I took a break (for my honeymoon) so I would properly Phase off and I have noticed an increase in energy (as opposed to when I was off program) as well as the obvious physical effects of losing weight (to the point i've bought new pants!). April has also been so wonderful and supportive and I appreciate the flexibility of in-person OR phone call check-ins given how COVID is constantly changing!

Kaitlin Tien

Ideal Protein is the answer to my 30 year battle to loose weight.


I am so pleased to have lost 90lbs, I have 40 more to go and after knee surgery I am excited to be back on program to reach my goal before the New Year. Rachel and April have been supportive and there every pound along the way. This program works and I am so thrilled to have finally found success in my weight loss journey.


Thank you Ideal Protein for making my life healthy and fit. Happy to know I have a lifetime of support and encouragement.

Shellie Santolla

Ideal protein has been an absolute game changer for my family and myself. Rachel has been amazing throughout my journey with the diet. Her constant coaching and no judgement policy will put you to ease and make you more accountable.

My whole experience has been nothing but the best. The program structure is quiet easy to follow and the coaching you receive from the coaches help you understand what you’re putting into your body. I’ve noticed significant changes so far and I’ve lost over 20lbs on the program!

The foods are yummy and some of the bars absolutely delicious that I can’t wait to have the next one! You wouldn’t regret getting on this diet, it’s not a fad like Keto or intermittent fasting, it actually works and you would enjoy doing it. They help you keep your eye on the prize and if you’re being good, they might even let you have a cheat here and there or give you some diet approved recipes that curb your cravings.

Nikita Ninan


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